We chatted with Ali Babacan about technology!

We chatted with Ali Babacan about technology!

Founder and Chairman of the Democracy and Breakthrough Party Ali Babacan We chatted with him about many topics, from the phone he uses to his applications, from crypto money to data security.

What does Ali Babacan think about cryptocurrencies?

If you wish, let us leave you alone with our conversation with DEVA Party President Ali Babacan without further ado. Have a good time.

Who is Ali Babacan?

Between the years 2002-2015 Babacan said that Turkey had made 13 years of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Grand National Assembly of Turkey 22, 23, 24 and 26 Period Ankara has made Parliament.

Babacan, who founded the DEVA Party after his ministry term, is very interested in technology.

Babacan said that the first time a student uses a phone that Motorola, after his return to Turkey, respectively, Ericsson, Nokia and began using the iPhone since 2007. Currently using iPhone, Babacan has preferred the Apple ecosystem with iPad and MacBook Pro.

Saying that the most frequently used applications on his phone are communication applications such as iMessage and WhatsApp, Ali Babacan explained that all personal and party data are backed up on various cloud-based servers and they do not have a physical server.

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