No more showing HES code: We printed our HES code!

No more showing HES code: We printed our HES code!

We have been living with the coronavirus pandemic for almost 2 years. It is not clear when the epidemic will end. The HES code we use to track the number of cases, vaccination and regional situation in our country has now become a part of our lives like our home key.

We printed our HES code!

It can sometimes be difficult to access the QR code we show when entering indoor spaces from the Hayat Eve Sığar application. Often our elderly citizens have trouble in this regard. We finished the trouble of finding and showing the QR code on the phone and printed our HES code. Have a good time!

What is the HES code?

HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code is a code that allows you to securely share with organizations and individuals whether you carry any risk in terms of Covid-19 disease in your operations such as transportation or visiting within the scope of Controlled Social Life. The HES codes you share can be queried through the application or through the services provided to the institutions.

This code only serves to reduce the risk of contamination during the time spent in places such as public transportation vehicles and public areas. Covid-19 or our citizens with contact will not be able to use public transportation. It can also be used to inform you if other people you travel with have a positive Covid-19 test later.

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