Google Chrome makes text sharing easy

Google Chrome makes text sharing easy

Google has released the 90th version of the Chrome browser. With the new update, it added a feature that makes it easier for users to share texts on web pages. Copy link to highlight The feature named is available on desktop and mobile.

Thanks to the new tool, users can specific URL they will be able to produce. When another person clicks on that link, the highlighted text will appear in front of it. So the top of the page will not open.

Google Chrome can generate specific URLs

Google is actually not implementing this system for the first time. Technology giant, released last year Link to Text Fragment thanks to the extension named text specific URL it made it possible for them to produce. Now the functionality that this plugin can do Number 90 added to the Chrome browser in the new version.

google chrome 90

Chrome can create custom links to texts

To take advantage of the new feature, just follow the steps below:

– Open any web page.
– Highlight the text you want to highlight.
– Right click on the text of your choice and Copy link to highlight Press the button.

When you do this, Chrome will add to the end of the URL of the page you’re on. hashtag sign (#) Adds a special parameter that ends with. That parameter makes the URL contain the text you highlighted. People who click on the link automatically encounter the highlighted part of the page.

Live on desktop and mobile

Google, “Copy to highlight” feature of the Chrome browser on the desktop and Android announced that it can be used in applications. He also underlined that Chrome will come to the iOS version soon. Here clicking on the link Google Chrome You can install the 90th version of the browser on your computer.

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