Feature from Microsoft Bing to make students' lives easier!

Feature from Microsoft Bing to make students’ lives easier!

Microsoft, Bing of the search engine Android updated its application. Offering a brand new home screen experience to its user, Bing has added important tools that will work in daily life to this area. Microsoft has also added a function to Bing in the new update that will make students’ lives easier.

Bing can now solve math problems

Microsoft added Math problem solving feature to Bing app for Android. The tool placed on the home page is able to solve most of the processes, from the simplest to the most difficult. In fact, Microsoft’s capable of math operations Math Solver There is also an offline application. By integrating this application into Bing, the company not only made students’ lives easier, but also brought a new appeal to the search engine.

The vehicle’s capabilities are as follows:

– Scan: You can take a photo of the Math process written on a piece of paper and transfer it to Bing. The application, which automatically scans the problem, will bring you the solution in a short time.
– Draw: You can use this function to solve Math problems that specifically require symbols. For example, you can draw the root sign on the screen with your hand, while you are going to solve a problem with rooted numbers.
– Summer: Multiply, subtract, divide, add etc. You can do simple operations with the keypad in the Bing Android app.
Notes: This tab contains dozens of tests and multiple choice questions that you can improve your knowledge of Mathematics. You can solve these problems offered by Bing and check if they are correct.

Innovations that make it easier to follow the agenda

Bing for Android The innovations made in its application are not limited to the Math tool. Microsoft has added a lot of features to the application that the user will want to look at in daily life. Implementing these innovations On the Google Play page The company, which introduced it, listed its update notes as follows:

New home page: On the new home page, you can see the most important news and find up-to-date information on the topics you follow.

COVID Monitor: You can see the daily and weekly number of cases in your area. You can also learn about ongoing vaccination studies.

Weather forecast: You can view daily and weekly weather forecasts with this tool.

Image Search: You can make calls using the image on your phone or by taking a photo directly with your camera.

Sport: You can find the latest news, scores and rankings about sports teams that interest you in this area.

Wallpapers: You can set the photos in the Bing app for Android as wallpaper.

Voice call: By tapping the microphone icon, you can search for a topic you want to find with your voice. For example, when you say “ShiftDelete.Net YouTube channel”, Bing will automatically search for the sentence and bring up the results.

Video and pictures: You can search through images on the Internet and find a photo / video you want.

Translator: You can translate between more than 70 languages.

Unit converter: You can convert between 18 different units. For example, how many feet is 325 inches? Bing automatically converts the two units.

Sports: You can find news about your favorite tournaments and follow live broadcasts.

Games: You can find small games such as sudoku and quiz where you can spend time in this section.

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