Bitcoin is on the decline again!  Here is the table for March 15, 2021

Cryptocurrencies fell very hard

Crypto money, which is one of the most popular topics of the last period, has made some investors gain while others lose. First Other coins, including Bitcoin, are also in decline. Crypto currency Bitcoin today after exceeding the $ 64,000 threshold in the morning of Wednesday this week For 56 thousand dollars dropped up.

Bitcoin falls: Investors nervous

Bitcoin today 10 percent while losing value, Ethereum with 11 percent depreciation $ 2,216 dropped to the level. There is also a serious decline in altcoins. Supported by Elon Musk’s tweets, Dogecoin fell 25 percent. XRP (Ripple) depreciating 17 percent $ 1.32 while backward Litecoin down 17.53 percent $ 262 trading around.

Bitcoin’s change from February to the present

Has the highest volume in the market Bitcoincontinues its volatile course. Attracting investors with the increase it has achieved from time to time crypto currencybecame famous for losing as much as it earned.

Although the exact cause of the sudden drops is not clear Coindesk’in According to the report, rumors that the US Treasury Department will impose penalties on some financial institutions for “laundering money using cryptocurrencies” were effective in the decline.

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