Amazon develops a printer with artificial intelligence

Amazon develops a printer with artificial intelligence

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, operates not only in the shopping industry, but in every field imaginable. One of them consumer electronics. Intelligent assistant Alexa bringing people together with artificial intelligence thanks to the With Echo speakers also supports it.

With different products, Amazon, this time thermal printer developed. However, this includes homework, etc. not the type of printer used for jobs. The device with a compact size is predominantly for those who like to take notes Appeals.

Amazon has developed a special printer for note takers

Amazon’s Kickstarter-like Build It-Day1 Editions The name of the printer developed within the scope of his project: Smart Sticky Note Printer. The device, which can be connected to Alexa via Echo branded smart speakers, can print the words you say on note paper in a short time.

In order not to forget and that you have a coffee break at certain times every day you will note it assume. At this point “Hey Alexa, take note: I’ll have a coffee break in the evening.” just say. Artificial intelligence, which detects every sentence coming out of your mouth, sends what you say to the printer thanks to the wireless connection. Subsequently, the device prints out the note within seconds.

amazon artificial intelligence printer

The printer works with AI-enabled Alexa.

Because it is thermal ink free Smart Sticky Note Printer prints on sticky notes. You can stick these papers on the cabinet door, on your wall or anywhere you want. Providing a roll of paper as a gift to the buyers, Amazon announced that new ones can be added to the printer when the paper runs out.

Specially produced for supporters

Amazon printer at first Build It-Day1 Editions opened for pre-order within the scope of the project. He said that if it receives the expected support within 30 days, it will start production of the product. Indeed this reaching its goal in 3 days company, Smart Sticky Note Printer‘was implemented exclusively for those who support it. Currently the product is on Amazon on site Although listed, it is closed for sale.

amazon artificial intelligence printer

The printer measures 4.7 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches (120 x 120 x 80 mm).

Funded by Amazon Build ItIs a crowdfunding project that works with the Kickstarter logic. The company, which first opens the products in this scope to pre-order, puts the device into practice if it reaches the target number of support. Introduced on February 17, the project has hosted three products so far. Two of these products Smart Cuckoo Clock and Smart Food Scales. The third is the thermal printer in question.

Amazon did not bring the scale and clock to life due to failure to achieve the expected support. However, the printer, which was specially developed for note takers, met the expected demand. Stating that it will send the product to the supporters in the first place, the company did not give information about whether it will take place in retail.

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